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Workplace Wellness Technology

Despite the continuing progress made by the Well building movement, most big city corporate workspaces are not optimised for wellness, whether equipped for defensive health measures or for positive enablement. The federal government currently advises indoor air quality, for example, continues to be the problem it was back in 1998 when CSIRO estimated the cost to the Australian economy could be as high as $12b.

Adding wellness technology to the repertoire is a natural extension of the Ci Group commitment to measuring the success of a workplace fit-out in human terms. It is also intended to be a game changer.  Rather than have wellness technologies just concentrate on new buildings, it can now be readily introduced retrospectively everywheremaking every workplace a suitable candidate. This enables the world to be made healthier one room, one floor or one workplace at a time. Such steps can also offer a handsome return on investment based on the human resources outcomes delivered.

Learn why wellness delivers the highest workplace return.

Builder Project Subcontracting

Large office fit-out projects come with their own set of challenges. Time frames frequently get compressed by unforeseen building delays, and by the time the site becomes available for AV fit off and installation the timeline is tight.

Typically such projects involve a number of stakeholders; architects or interior designers, AV consultants, project management companies and the builders ultimately appointed to the project. Each has expectations that need to be met.

The Ci Group is sensitive to the needs of the construction industry and can provide builders with some unique advantages. It offers, for example, additional workplace products that the builder can on sell to the client to increase revenue such as wellness and mobile recaption technologies. The Ci group also provides an estimating team able to respond to builder estimator’s requests promptly and highlight any foreseen difficulties.

Room Remediation

Sometimes dealing with equipment alone is insufficient for a meeting or training room to succeed. What may be necessary are changes to the room itself such as acoustic treatment, lighting, cable routes, curtaining, or computer flooring. Custom furniture might also be necessary to achieve the best result. The Ci Group partners with specialist builders and furniture makers for the express purpose of room remediation.  Wellness intervention measures are also offered as they too can impact a room’s proficiency level. For select clients, the Ci Group can plan a meeting room from the ground up to be perfect, getting the screen size, camera angle, leg room, lighting, automation and all the other details necessary just right.

Meeting & Collaboration Tech

The Ci Group is across every brand of significance in the area of workplace collaboration and meeting room technologies. This is because many workplace clients will have established a brand preference and precedent that is sensible to standardise. Workplaces that adopt standard operating environments provide a collaborative infrastructure that is so much more efficient. Employees know what to expect moving from room to room. Changing brands in such situations comes at a cost. By keeping up with developments from all such brands on a continual basis, the Ci Group is able to ensure you are using the best technology to suit your purpose and budget.

Corporate Showcases

Sometimes corporations or institutions need to showcase themselves, whether to highlight their history or capability, explain their expansion plans to stakeholders, or simply to show off their business or product range. A corporate showcase can make a hero of your people, your company, your products or your services in any combination. It can also inform and explain major company projects on a grand scale or deliver a memorable visitor experience that conveys your brand and corporate values in a profound manner. If you or your design team would like to explore the variety of AV technologies that can be applied to such an undertaking, feel free to give us call.

Indigenous Furniture Partnership

If your workplace wants to support indigenous enterprise with your purchase of furniture you can do so through Winya, a 100% indigenous owned company and recipient of a United Nations award for its uniquely sustainable office furniture. The Ci Group enables you to purchase Winya furniture conveniently pre- installed with your choice of AV and automation technology in order to save time.

Zoom Conferencing Optimisation

Zoom has become the most popular platform on earth for cloud-based videoconferencing. The Ci Group enables you to make even better use of the platform through built for purpose appliances that deliver a better user experience. Created by Neat, a company partially owned by Zoom, these appliances enjoy first level support through Zoom itself.  There is a range of Neat products to suit various room sizes and applications, each offering plug and play simplicity.  With the Ci Group you get the added advantage of ongoing support to site, combining the best in Zoom hardware with the best in product service.

The Ci Group can also provide appliances optimised for Microsoft Teams, Starleaf, Go To Meetings or any other platform.

Mapiq Workspace Enablement

Mapiq is a cloud-based office platform from the Netherlands that helps you optimise your workplace and activate the true potential of your staff. Employees can use Mapiq to book meeting rooms, find their way around the building, search for free workplaces and find their colleagues. Facility managers and building owners can use data collected by Mapiq sensors to make well thought out decisions about their office spaces.

A front runner in smart building technology. Mapiq technology was first deployed in ‘The Edge’ in Amsterdam, hailed at the time as the most sustainable office building in the world. Mapiq’s stated mission is to give employees a great day at work with dynamic work environments that people actually want to be in. Mapiq believe that through technology the office can inspire and bring out the best in people resulting in unparalleled efficiency and innovation.

Through empowering employees in this manner, Mapiq cleverly solves the problem of activity based workspaces gaining user acceptance.. Instead of users opposing such change, with Mapiq they find they actually prefer it. This means the flexible workplace can finally succeed in practice.

Mapiq technology is now available in Australia through Ci and has progressed even further than what was first introduced at the Edge. To unleash your office Mapiq style, start the Ci conversation. You’ll be glad you did.

Workplace Digital Signage Networks

Done right, workplace digital signage networks are able to reward your investment across a range of applications. They become a powerful means of communication for a variety of purposes such as brand messaging for visitors, brand messaging for employees, achievement dashboards for employees, and in wellness terms supportive of health initiatives, community building, digital art and more.  Workplace digital display networks can help you build a thriving workplace culture.

Direct view LED in the workplace

Already the most prestigious workplace projects in Australia are beginning to deploy direct view LED display in preference to LCD monitors. With LED display screen size becomes unlimited, thus enabling screens to better match the proportions of the room.

No workplace integrator in Australia is as well acquainted with LED display as the Ci Group. All the most difficult LED projects in Australia have been Ci Group installations for a reason. No one does LED installation and support better, regardless of the brand. 

Installation and support credentials in relation to LED are also important in the workplace context. It’s not just that a screen looks great now, but that it still looks great years down the track. Entrusting the Ci Group with your sizeable investment provides that reassurance.

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