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The ability to collaborate via video with distant parties is increasingly a requirement for a meeting space. Successful video collaboration avoids the cost of travel and all the associated costs that go along with it like accommodation and time lost in transit. Video equipped rooms also enable geographically dispersed teams to meet more often because getting together becomes so easy.

The Ci Group has created thousands of video conference rooms over the years, each building on the experience gained. The company is renowned for attending to all the little things that make for a better user experience. The twin boardrooms created for Telstra were regarded at the time as the best in world, resulting in the most seamless experience possible for a board split between Sydney and Melbourne. That attention to detail also matters at the other end of price scale, especially when applied across multiple rooms in a large organisation.

How well content can be shared and examined, how well cameras capture facial nuance, how well audio quality allows for ease of conversation, how lighting makes you appear on camera, how comfortable you can be physically as a participant all matter. So too now do things that have previously been largely ignored like air quality and circadian light. If you’re currently sitting in a boardroom or meeting room without any air filtration, you’re sitting in a comparatively unwell space.

Today there are more video conference rooms than ever before. The rise of cloud-based video platforms like Zoom, Teams, and Webex have seen to that. These days there is now a wide range of off the shelf video conferencing products that are simple to install and work very well. However, to work at their best for any serious business they need more that what’s packed in their boxes. They need ongoing support, the ability for a quick changeover if something goes wrong, and the room to be in an appropriate state to accommodate them. The latter entails ensuring the room acoustics, furniture layout, air quality and lighting are all as they should be. Businesses that are serious about facilities without hidden costs are always better off with a technology partnership that is ongoing. There is no substitute for real people, and the world’s leading manufacturers all understand what that means. There is a limit to what they can do for you online. Things always work best when a specialist partner like the Ci Group is engaged in delivery and able to support.

The experiences delivered by video collaboration spaces vary greatly, however, and it is necessary to ensure a positive experience if you want the concept to succeed. You therefore don’t just want any video collaboration space. What you actually need is a good one.

Essentially the closer you can get to the experience of a face to face meeting the better. This means aspects like facial expression, eyelines, audio quality and human interaction all count as benchmarks.

Translated to technical requirements, this means that camera capture and playback need to suit the purpose, as do audio capture and playback. If the collaboration is between two meeting rooms, the cameras at each end ideally need to be able to capture participant facial expression in detail, either through pan tilt zoom manipulation, or by automated vision switching as used by high end VC systems. Irrespective of what video collaboration platform you might choose, you need a hardware system that works and is easily comprehended by end users. The Ci Group makes this outcome a reality.

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