Training Spaces

The design of training facilities often needs to take into account factors such as room flexibility to accommodate a range of teaching modes, display screens scaled appropriately for both content and viewing distance, delivery of voice and ease of control. The Ci Group has extensive experience in the delivery of learning spaces whether for industry, scientific institutions, universities, schools and corporations.

Little details can affect learning outcomes. Opting for an economy screen, for example, can mean less attention is paid to screen content because it is physically dull. A brighter screen commands attention better. If a training room is large, those seated at the back may not be able to learn as effectively as those sitting at the front because they can’t hear properly.  Intervening with technology can make a difference.

How training sessions can be captured and subsequently shared is also undergoing a quiet revolution. Training sessions can now be streamed live or be recorded and uploaded for later access relatively easily. If training facilities are an important element of your workplace, talk to your Ci Group representative about what’s now possible. Training spaces can now be made more effective than previously possible.

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