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A large LED screen in a reception area can provide a variety of potential benefits. And as the price of LED display comes down, such screens will become more commonplace. It all comes down to having the right kind of content for what you want to achieve.

If your aim is to tell your corporate story, you may video material already that is suitable for the purpose. If not, don’t worry. Creating something suitable can be made a lot more affordable than you might think. Video is fast becoming a more democratic medium thanks to huge technology advances at low price points. For a modest amount of a money, a skilled production house armed with a high-quality drone camera can produce something that is visually impressive quite easily. Depending on what your business does this can be as simple as capturing your people in action or taking an aerial shot of your facilities. Resource companies in particular love to use drone footage of their assets. So do property companies.

If the desired outcome is to promote your corporation as part of the local community and a good corporate citizen, getting that message across on video is readily achieved with the right footage. Video is also a great way to show your corporate support for good causes.

Sometime the purpose of a screen at reception has a more internal focus, aimed at employees more so than visitors. For example, some screens are used to promote internal community engagement activities and a sense of belonging. While others are used simply as a means of providing visual interest through digital art. Some even combine digital art with business data relevant to the business. Even KPI measurements can be portrayed in this fashion.

If the purpose of such a screen is purely decorative, the shape and resolution of the screen selected can vary enormously. This in turn affects how much you need to spend to get the desired result. The Ci Group can help you with whatever kind of screen best suits your objectives and will also ensure it is properly supported over its lifetime of use. We can also match you with an appropriate video production company if required.

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