Technology Products in the Workplace

Room booking Systems

Room booking systems can save time, reduce frustration, and monitor meeting space usage for planning purposes. It’s certainly worth exploring the extent to which such technology is practical for your workspace.

Digital Signage

Digital signage can perform a variety of tasks within the workplace. For some, the primary purpose is for internal messaging; displaying employee of the month, current kpI performance, good causes supported. For others the purpose of digital signage is more outward facing; such as corporate storytelling, cross promotion, upcoming events. How you distribute video content and how you manage it is a major determinant of the cost overall. The Ci Group can help you explore all the alternatives.

Mobile Phone Coverage Boost

Mobile is often the preferred number to call these days, so any unsatisfactory mobile reception experience in your workplace will adversely impact productivity.

Mobile reception problems in high rise buildings are expected to increase significantly in the near future. You may be experiencing such problems already. The good news is that you can do something about it straight away with a carrier agnostic system on offer that fixes the problem economically at a tenancy level.

Collaboration Tables

This is especially true for many planning or architectural collaborations. Touch tables and downward projection both have their merits as a means of tabletop collaboration. The Ci Group can help you with either.

Digital Lockers

As more workplaces shift to a functional needs base rather than assign individual desks and offices, individual belongings and materials become in need of a new home. The digital locker is the most efficient form for providing such a home because it is more easily managed.

Rather than require a key, access can be through passcode entry or digital recognition. This solves both the inevitable lost key problem and the time and effort necessary to deal with it.

Lockers can be tailored to suit your needs and manufactured in whatever finish is necessary to complement your interior design. Done right, they enable your workplace to more readily adapt to change.

Switchable Glass

Switchable glass is proven technology that makes it easy to combine the need for privacy with the desire for open transparent spaces that are less claustrophobic. Switchable glass technology enables glass to be transparent one moment and opaque the next at the flick of switch. It’s faster than curtaining, easier to clean, and not prone to mechanical failure.

How bronze-tint switchable glass works (watch video)

Screen Content Security Glass

Screen content security glass is glass treated with a special film transparent to the naked eye that blocks the wavelength at which screen content is viewed. This remarkable product makes any screens viewed through the glass appear totally black, thus effectively rendering the screen content invisible to anyone outside the room.

Biophilic Soundscaping

Most people in a modern building today regularly work in open plan and encounter productivity problems through distraction from nearby voices. Biophilic soundscaping successfully deals with this issue, and the Ci Group has become Australia’s leading practitioner of the technique. Rather than use white or pink noise to mask unwanted voice distraction, sound from nature is used instead, – along with visual confirmation. This delivers a better outcome.

Acoustic Treatment

The modern workplace has many acoustically reflective surfaces and realistically always will. Who doesn’t like floor to ceiling glass or shiny clean meeting tables? Exposed brick walls, solid plaster ceilings, concrete floors or polished floorboards are features highly unlikely to go out of style anytime soon. Such common design elements come at a price, however. Reflective surfaces directly opposite each other invariably create audio problems. Such opposing situations might be wall to wall, ceiling to floor or ceiling to table. Unless something is done about such matters, meetings in such spaces are less pleasant to the ear and often less productive as a result. The Ci Group is able to address the situation with a broad range of suitable acoustic treatments, both affixed and suspended that deal with this issue. You can immediately hear the difference.

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