Operations Rooms

Interconnected operation centres have revolutionized how mining and resource companies are able to conduct their operations, both in the city and at remote locations. Operations rooms can be successfully configured for a variety of purposes and as such often have key roles to play in emergency services, utility management, and in the security or transport industries.


The ability to access data and display it in the most appropriate form for any given purpose is what sets the better operation rooms apart. The entire screen can concentrate on just one thing or divide itself as required into distinct sections scaled in whatever way makes the most sense for the task at hand.


When the main screen is an LCD videowall, the best systems offer visual control over the entire unified screen rather than be constrained by individual LCD panels. The need to allow for this is abating, however, as LED display is now starting to replace composite LCD panels as the preferred choice of main screen for control and ops rooms.


The Ci Group is responsible for some of the most sophisticated control and operations rooms in Australia, many of which need to remain undisclosed for security reasons. If you’re a consultancy designing such a room, you could not wish for a better implementation partner. Likewise, if you’re a company, institution or government instrumentality that wants to explore your options, the Ci Group is an excellent place to start.

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