Multiple Location Video Meeting Spaces

An increasingly common form of video meeting is when participants join from multiple locations, whether participating from meeting rooms in other offices, from individual workstations, mobile devices or home offices. Audio quality makes a massive difference to such meetings and there are various ways a better audio outcome can be achieved.

The best video collaboration experiences are like having the other person in the room with you. It’s therefore worth exploring how such an outcome can be successfully realised and at what budget it is practical. A common flaw encountered in such meetings is when someone is not on mute and is feeding back into the system. If everyone in attendance at such meetings used headphone mics, the sound quality experience in general would greatly improve and the conversation would flow better as a result.


If you believe meetings where many participants are calling in from home are part of your workplace future, it is worth considering setting standards in how those homes are to be equipped. Better equipped homes will result in a better conferencing experience overall.



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