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Now that video conferencing is more affordable, little meeting spaces that offer video conferencing capability are more numerous. If you want to keep the costs down, consider the in-built furniture approach in preference to on wall installation. In a large enterprise it can save you a small fortune.


There are numerous products around today that are simply brilliant and for a very modest outlay compared to what video collaboration required in the past. These are all geared towards cloud-based video software platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Bluejeans, Starleaf etc. Some are purpose built for a particular platform, while others are more inclusive of platform variety. What hardware you should choose depends on a number of factors we will be happy to explain.


What’s universal to all options, however, is that certain aspects can’t be adequately met by hardware and software alone. Matters such as Form Factor Optimisation, Room Remediation (Acoustics & Air Quality), Interoperability Advice, and more all require an implementation partner.


Form factor optimisation can save you fortune in the long term. JLL advise the average make-good cost when vacating a premises in 2020 was $332 per sqm, so it’s worth minimising your exposure when moving in. Having technology installed in furniture and floor standing joinery rather than direct to the building itself can reduce such costs significantly. It also substantially reduces installation on site and makes meeting spaces easier to equip in open plan.

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