Breakout Areas

Providing employees with the means to relax has well documented benefits. If you wish, you can take this a step further with viewing facilities better than they have at home. This will encourage greater socialisation as well as provide you the option of a more informal meeting space when the occasion demands.


Installing a screen at a size able to be enjoyed by a large number of people is a good start. It encourages after hours gatherings around live sport, or the playback of video taken at company social events. Such a screen can also provide news updates during the day for those taking a break, with or without an opt in audio function.


Audio is another way of giving a breakout area a bit of a lift. If you combine the ability to access a streaming service with a suitable playback system, a breakout area can deliver a casual ambience complete with appropriate soundtrack. Most employees will have such a streaming service on their phone. or you can provide one via the company. Connection can be hardwired or wireless.


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