The Ci Group is well known at the top end of town for boardrooms. Of Australia’s ASX top twenty companies, eight have had executive spaces installed by the Ci Group. Internationally, the most famous of these are the twin boardrooms the Ci Group designed and built for Telstra to link Melbourne with Sydney. At the time they were hailed as the best in the world, and many of the innovations these boardrooms introduced are still regarded as best practice today.

These acclaimed boardrooms generated a great deal of interest from Telstra’s top customers for boardrooms of their own. The user experience delivered set a new benchmark for excellence. As a result, a Ci Boardroom became a must have for many of Australia’s leading companies.


What sets a high-end boardroom from the Ci Group apart is the attention to detail taken on every aspect; the ease of legibility for any data under discussion, more natural eyelines in camera conversation, nuanced facial expression capture, participant comfort above and below the table, superior voice capture and playback, automation that delivers practical benefit, display at a scale that makes sense, and an ease of operation that avoids wasting time. The boardroom table itself has a major role to play in delivering this experience. It should therefore be purpose built.

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  • Better user experiences
  • Higher productivity outcomes
  • Better wellness outcomes
  • Better delivery methodology

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