The Heritage Lanes building at 80 Ann St, Brisbane will be of historic significance for good reason. It will always be remembered as one of Australia’s first commercial properties to substantially embrace Media Architecture, the idea of empowering static surfaces within a building’s architecture to establish a narrative.

The project features two LED ceilings, an indoor one on the first level, and an outdoor one high above the rooftop terrace. As technical achievements, these vast digital canvases are impressive. The indoor screen on level one covers 232 square metres, while the outdoor rooftop screen measures at 384 sqm. To give these measurements some global perspective, the largest LED ceiling in Europe at the time of writing was only 169 sqm. 80 Ann St will therefore command industry attention internationally.

It has to a certain extent already, being nominated as a finalist in the global Digital Signage Awards. This is a considerable achievement for an Australian company. Also nominated were our content partners on the project, Spacesuit & Co, a specialist division of Bengar Films.


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