Cover-More Command Centre

Following their acquisition of World Travel Protection, travel

insurer Cover-More set about creating a public facing

command centre, a highly functional space that could

simultaneously convey the company’s brand values to staff

and to any customers present for assistance.

The ‘Hub and Spoke’ layout of the Command Centre brings

medical, security, logistical and case management expertise

together, in a space designed to support customers through

every step of their journey. Technology was to play a key

role in delivering this experience, the kind of technology for

which the Ci Group is a recognised leader in Australia,

having successfully created sophisticated command centres

across a wide range of applications; mining, emergency

response, security, transport, energy supply, and logistics.

Why The Ci Group is the right partner for you

  • Better user experiences
  • Higher productivity outcomes
  • Better wellness outcomes
  • Better delivery methodology

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