Why the different mindset regarding support & service?


Ci’s extensive experience in workplace technology is both as a specialist AV subcontractor on large office fit out projects, and as a directly engaged technology partner for enterprises and institutions updating facilities on an ongoing basis. In either case, build quality, effective project management, and a great outcome for end users are all hallmarks of Ci’s involvement.

Every one-off project for the Ci Group is seen as an opportunity to transition the customer to long term client. It’s a vastly different mindset. Rather than walk away the moment an installation’s fault rectification period ends, Ci prefers to retain customers for life and keep working with them.

The Ci ambition is therefore to build technology spaces that measurably work well, with the express intention of maintaining them for years to come. As a result, at any given moment, most Ci workplace projects being undertaken are for ongoing clients, many of which have been with Ci for more than a decade.

There are further benefits that arise from this ongoing relationship approach. Technology is evolving all the time, and if AV and other workplace technology is pigeonholed as just something you do when fitting out a new office or renewing a lease you miss out on the benefits of that evolution as changes occur.

It is far more advantageous to have a technology partner that can prompt interest in a new technology of demonstrable benefit as it emerges or becomes sufficiently affordable to implement. Keeping abreast of technology and evaluating the cost benefit ratio of products that may interest is so much easier when you have a technology partner that not only brings it to your attention but is also willing to undertake pilot programs for proof of concept. Such a relationship also gives you greater scope to think about how technology can be better applied to your business. The Ci Group has client partners in the mining industry that have done wonders in this regard, greatly enhancing their operations. Plenty of other industries could do the same if they had the inclination and design synergy.

The Ci Group never plans on walking away, and it shows through the loyalty of its clientele.


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