Where will Australia’s very first C SEED Screen pop up?


One of Australia’s leading property companies has a surprise in store, the first appearance in this country of a C SEED MicroLED Screen, the last word in outdoor entertainment luxury. For those of you unfamiliar with it, a C SEED foldable MicroLED screen emerges from a cavity in the ground or floor to assemble itself robotically for viewing and then returns to the cavity once viewing is completed. These amazing screens can be found throughout the world at seven-star resorts as well as on luxury boats and outside palatial homes. Additional locations include sporting precincts, prominent building forecourts and civic plazas.

For the moment, exactly where Australia’s first C SEED will appear remains a mystery as there was a change of plan with the original property selected. But when it does, you can be sure it will generate some publicity. The ground-breaking C SEED is available in Australia exclusively via the Ci Group.

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