Unleash the power of voice command


The proliferation of voice command devices shows no sign of abating and given what they can enable people to do this is hardly surprising. Done well voice command can emancipate the aged in care, whereas done badly it will confuse them. The Ci Group have created a proprietary device that is suitable for the purpose, one that we hope will revolutionise Aged Care and how it services the needs of residents.

Voice command can simplify so many aspects of control. Rather than needing to locate a remote-control handset, a resident could change the channel on a TV by voice. Once how issuing a voice command is understood by a resident, it can be applied to so many other aspects. It can be used to play specific music, access photos, place orders or requests.

Voice control can be particularly beneficial for those who have difficulty manipulating handheld control devices and their array of buttons. It can be made to interface with a variety of appliances, from heating and cooling through to radio, lighting, curtains and more. It can automate phone calls to loved ones as well as control appliances. It can even set calendar appointments and reminders.

How far you want to take voice control is up to you. It can be as sophisticated or as simple as you want to make it.  How it evolves will be driven by your needs. Voice control is already being put to good use in numerous hotels. Aged care will doubtless follow suit. The technology has so much to offer that space.

One thing is certain. Voice control has the capacity to set you apart from your competitors. Therefore, exploring your options makes sound business sense. It isn’t hugely expensive but requires a partner that knows how to combine it with other technologies.


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