Two out of seven AVIA Winners in 2023 are Ci Group projects.

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The Ci Group is proud to have delivered two of the seven projects that won the Australian AV industry’s AVIA Awards for 2023. No other integrator in Australia was as successful. The two winning projects were Heritage Lanes (Brisbane) for the Best Application of AV in Digital Signage, and the North Melbourne Football Club Huddle (Melbourne) for the Best Application of AV Education. The former was a design and build project undertaken for Mirvac, the latter was a project undertaken in conjunction with Mott Macdonald. The Ci Group is proud of both projects for different reasons. Heritage Lanes is a leading example world-wide of how AV and Digital Art can add considerable value to commercial property, as a finalist in both the Asia Pacific and global industry awards it won the global award for Creative Execution. The North Melbourne Huddle project was on a much smaller scale, but in enabling those involved in the gamification of education it has had a profound effect in improving learning outcomes for STEM subjects and community building skills in primary and secondary schools throughout Victoria. We’re glad to have helped. This project has also enjoyed international AV industry success having won the most recent ASEAN Inavate Award for Education.

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Heritage Lanes Rooftop LED Canopy

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Heritage Lanes, Level 1 LED Ceiling

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The NMFC Huddle  Immersive Learning Space


A short video that features Heritage Lanes among other digital art examples.

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