Three ways to maximise the use of your LED video wall display

LED video walls are one of the coolest, most exciting things you can invest in for your business.

They open a whole new world of visual opportunities, allowing you to powerfully communicate to your audience and express things that you’ve never before been able to express! So, enough hype around LED video walls – you know how amazing they are already. Let’s talk about how to maximise the use of your LED screen once you get one, enabling you to get the most out of it. Here are three ways in which you can do this.

1. Turn it into a curated bulletin board

LED video walls can be used as a live-action bulletin board similar to social media but curated. How cool is that? Live event venues can really benefit from this method, as attendees use a common hashtag to engage with the event and all posts deemed suitable are uploaded to the media wall for people at your venue to see. This turns your LED wall from a mere visual display unit into an engaging platform for encourage conversation. Retailers can do likewise encouraging customers to converse about the brand in question.

No matter the use of your LED screen, turning it into a shared media hub is a great way to get people involved and get them talking. Ask the team at the Ci Group about taking your LED video wall to the next level.

Ci Group LED wall 22. Cater the visuals to your audience

LED video walls always look great when there are generic art designs being displayed, but sometimes the purpose of the screen is more commercial. They command attention more readily when the content caters directly to your specific audience. Delivering targeted content to your audience via your LED video wall is one of the best ways to connect. That way, you’re making it seem like the LED wall is speaking exclusively to them, making them feel special and personally understood by your business or brand.

There are a variety of ways this can be accomplished, some more sophisticated than others. Camera analytics, for example, can determine with reasonable accuracy the average age and gender of the viewing audience and determine the content according. Individuals can also be identified through their mobile phone, enabling screen content to be literally personalised. Greeting a returning customer by name has a powerful effect, not just for retailers but for hairdressers and hotels who rely on repeat custom. Billboard advertising has used AI to great effect in personalising content, for example identifying the model of approaching cars through number plate recognition and displaying the acceleration comparison between it and the model being advertised.

3. Promote yourself

It’s one of the keys to any successful business – good self-promotion! And what better way to do this than to display your brand, service offering or products on a huge LED video wall. Promotion is one of the best things you can use your LED wall for. It jumps right out at your audience and is a super engaging way of repurposing any promotional content that already exists, from video to still photography.

Feeling ready to reap the benefits of having an LED video wall display and maximise all of its uses? Your brand and business will be thriving when you take your LED display to the next level with these three simple steps. The Ci Group have been working with new technologies for over 30 years, and in recent times helping many businesses explore great things with LED video walls. Get in touch with the Ci Group if you’d like more tips for using your LED display, or to enquire about installing one for your business.


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