Three reasons to use digital signage throughout your premises

Digital signage and LED displays have become one of the champions of modern-day communication.

We see it everywhere: on the street, at the bus stop, at stadiums and entertainment venues… basically wherever we go. So, if everywhere else is using this dynamic platform to promote their message, why wouldn’t you use digital signage for the same purpose at your premises? There are a ton of reasons to invest in digital signage, but we’ll keep this post brief. Here are our top three reasons for using digital signage throughout your premises.

It’s an effective way of communicating your brand personality

We’re sure we don’t have to tell you twice: using digital signage is one of the most effective ways of communicating your brand. It allows you to be creative with how you use visual and written content. Whether you’re going for a chic, professional look, or something quirky and down-to-earth, digital signage allows you to convey those nuances effectively.

This is equally true whether your intended audience primarily consists of customers or employees. Video is emotionally powerful and capable of multiple messaging. In a retail setting it can promote flash sales. In a corporate setting it can promote corporate values. In a university setting it can promote post grad courses to the very audience likely to be most interested. In a hotel setting it can promote upcoming events or featured beverages.

These days any corporation, campus, retailer, venue, hotel or stadium without a digital video network is not making their most of the real estate investment. Property has inherent media power that really should be utilised.

digital signage in office2. People will understand you better

One of the best reasons to use digital signage at your premises is the fact that it means people will understand you better. Because such a network delivers messages with sufficient frequency, it enables the messages to gain a better foothold in people’s memory and for opinions to form.

For example. if you want your employees to know how you value their wellbeing and what steps you are taking to protect them, you can tell them again and again via digital signage. After a while they will form an opinion that you care. Likewise, if you are a mining company and want visitors to understand what you are doing that is beneficial for the environment- you can influence their opinions. Employing digital signage at your premises will also show people that you’re forward-thinking, up-to-date and aren’t stuck in the past.

You can be as creative as you like

Digital signage has a massive advantage over traditional internal communication platforms when it comes to content. You can display almost anything on your digital signage, making it an adaptable way of communicating. Integrated with the internet you can also utilise the creative input of your audience, enabling them to upload video, photographic or text contributions you can subsequently post.

One of the coolest ways we’ve seen digital signage being used is as curated social media posting walls. You can use your LED wall to display a social media conversation, in which users engage using a common hashtag, with the content sensitively screened for appropriateness. It’s a great way to create dialogue around your brand or corporate activity.


We’d love to keep you here all day, but you’ve probably got a few things to mull over already. If you’re in the market for digital signage and LED displays for your next networking event, get in touch with the team at the Ci Group. We’re Australia’s experts in LED walls and other digital signage, guaranteeing that your brand will be remembered at your networking events. Contact the Ci Group to learn more today.

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