The Dorsett Hotel GC goes IoT with The Ci Group & Interact

The Dorsett Hotel on the Gold Coast is the first of what will be many Signify hospitality projects to be undertaken by Ci Group. More will follow in due course. As an example of an IoT application, this “Interact for hospitality” project is impressive. It covers 313 rooms over 13 floors and showcases several of Interact’s most desirable attributes in the one project.

The control panel in each guest room can control HVAC in addition to lighting. As part of its programming, Interact can also integrate with the property management/check in system (in this instance Oracle Opera). This functionality prepares the room for guests as they register by adjusting lighting and comfort levels accordingly. It also includes the system being able to adjust itself to display the preferred language nominated by the guests on registration.

The Interact system at the Dorsett is programmed to be smart in other ways as well. If balconies are left open, it automatically cuts off the HVAC to save power. The system also checks occupancy and adjust power consumption accordingly. Network security is also assured as the system includes TLS1.2 encryption and secure websocket connections between server and devices – to ensure network communications are protected. The system’s powerful, internally hosted, web dashboard also enables hotel staff to better deliver services as it provides insights on room usage, and real time data on room status. Staff are enabled to see “do not disturb” or “make up room” requests and act accordingly to guest expectation. It provides real time operational transparency across the entire hotel, readily visible to staff on their smartphone.

Interact also enables a richer guest experience through the automated delivery of optimal ambient light settings such as welcome scenes or quiet reading modes. Likewise bio adaptive lighting can be programmed for more natural wake up experiences and better energy levels, and sleep disruption can be minimised by low level light programmed for bathroom trips overnight.

The savings on HVAC alone certainly help speed up the ROI on an Interact system,  whether the energy consumed is on heating or cooling. In some climates, HVAC can represent over half a hotel’s energy consumption.

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