The Ci Group adds Philips UV-C, Philips Dynalite and Signify Interact to its capability


A new inclusion for the Ci Group product portfolio, Philips Dynalite has been leading the world in integrated lighting control and automation solutions since 1989. As a product it has now been tried and tested in over 30,000 projects globally, including some of the most extensive and ambitious ever to succeed. Applicable to a variety of project types, the same robust technology can be used in any application and at any scale, whether for a single building or hundreds of locations. Dynalite dominates globally with good reason.

Signify interact and Signify UV-C are other lighting specialties added at the same time. Interact is the IoT lighting platform with so much to offer office environments, retail, education, hospitality and stadiums specifically. Whereas the UV-C product is technology capable of disinfecting air or surfaces through UV-C radiation. These techniques can be applied to great effect in order to reduce viral transmission. Such is the depth of information available on Signify/Philips products and services, we will soon provide lighting at the Ci Group with its own website. In the meantime, any electrical contractors, project management companies, architects, interior designers or builders interested are welcome to get in contact, as indeed are any end users.

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