The SMART responsive workplace

This subject of responsive technologies is so great in scope that we have devoted an entire website to it, not just for workplace but for the built environment in general. Not everyone will want to create a workplace as technically advanced as the ones described, but if you want to get inspired, visit our SMART workplace in more detail.


Workplace App Development

Workplace apps can streamline the interaction between people and space. They can be developed to locate colleagues, order from the coffee shop in the lobby, locate available meeting rooms or workspaces, deliver emergency messaging, run competitions between staff and more. If you want an app custom built for your enterprise, the Ci Group can arrange it for you.


Technology Evaluation Pilots

One of the pressure points associated with new premises or the refurbishment of existing tenancies is making decisions about new technology. Such a decision will generally be lived with for quite some time and often involves multiple rooms. This means making the wrong call can be costly. A useful service that Ci can provide in such an instance is a technology evaluation pilot. This enables prospective technology choices to be put to the test in a single room prior to placing a quantity order. This might need to be done several times before a final decision is made. Better informing sizeable purchase decisions in this manner can be well worth your while.


Managed Tech Engagement

For some companies, both productivity and sustainability are high priorities. In such instances a managed tech engagement model for the workplace can be the best approach. Under such a scenario, rather than pay for AV equipment up front you pay a flat monthly fee for your facilities to be equipped and maintained. This not only allows you to make the cost an opex outlay, but to ensure any dated components are replaced as a matter of course. This extends the life of a facility more economically because not all equipment ages at the same rate. Loudspeakers, for example, have not changed that much over decades. A managed tech engagement model is therefore more supportive of sustainability.


Technology Upgrade Programs

Technology upgrade programs formalize the sustainability advantages made possible through selective changeover of audio visual components. Monitors or cameras, for example, might get an upgrade, while everything else in the room remains the same. Or perhaps you want to later upgrade to a control system that includes a room booking system. Upgrade programs allow you to plan your next move in line with technological improvements and budget constraints.


Technology Support and Concierge Services

Having someone permanently located on site to deal with your AV issues soon makes sense with enough facilities to warrant such a level of attention. (Everyone would have concierge service if they could.) A concierge on site means your rooms are regularly checked for functionality and kept in working order. Downtime is minimised through pro- active steps being taken each working day. Your IT people get more time to do their real job.

Depending on location it may be possible to share concierge services with another Ci Group client within close proximity. It’s certainly worth asking the question. Concierge service may be more affordable than you expect.

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