Single purpose hardware designs to make the most of Zoom


It’s a truly Neat idea. Zoom is now easily the most popular cloud-based video communication platform in the world, with a market share nearly twice that of its two nearest rivals.  But although the Zoom software has been a huge success, the user experience has always substantially depended on the hardware deployed. Laptop cameras and microphones generally have their limitations as does the audio playback from the average monitor. Tying up your computer in order to run the software is also a drawback.

Migrating to a dedicated appliance alternative therefore makes more sense. The good news is that a purpose-built appliance now exists that is supported by Zoom into the bargain. This improves the user experience substantially.

Consisting of a small portable camera/processor soundbar and matching control tablet it’s a really neat idea that goes by the same name. It’s Neat by name, and neat by nature. Watch the video to see for yourself.

Neat is also offered in touchscreen form, either on a trolley or wall mounted. Known as the Neat Board, these are popular for both collaboration and learning spaces. The tertiary education sector in Australia is particularly appreciative of what Neat hardware offers as Zoom is far and away the most popular platform for distant learning. However, the product is equally at home at home at a secondary or primary school level.

Neat products are brilliantly thought out beyond the task of Zoom functionality as well. An extra control pad, for example, can be deployed outside the meeting room as a room booking panel. Not only that but each Neat system enables you to continuously manage and monitor air quality, humidity, CO2 and Volatile Organic Compounds along with the number of people in the room, ambient noise and lighting conditions. All the data and statistics for these are easily obtainable on the Zoom dashboard and help you better manage and plan your facilities overall, intervening where necessary with wellness measures.




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