See if you qualify for a pilot program


The easiest means of assessing whether a Ci Support & Service agreement lives up to its promises is a 3-month trial pilot program, limited to a representative number of spaces to keep the cost down. However, such a trial is subject to availability in your area.

Locations within CBDs are usually the easiest to accommodate as there is usually another Ci Group client within reasonable proximity. However, there are many Ci Group supported locations throughout most metropolitan areas as well. Where it gets trickier is in regional areas.

Embarking on a pilot program tells you a lot. You can survey room usage and downtime. You can experience the difference outsourcing a helpdesk can bring to your staff and the impact it has on their time. You also get a first-hand experience of what Ci Group support personnel are like to work with.

What’s noticeable is that those with direct experience of Ci Group service and support tend to continue with it. That’s why the pilot initiative has been so successful. Pilot programs are also a great way to road test meeting rooms systems before wider deployment and such programs are among further useful options offered to Ci service and support clients.

If your meeting rooms are a constant source of grief, you have everything to gain from a pilot program and nothing to lose. It is not acceptable today to simply shrug the shoulders and think troublesome technology and the delay it causes is normal and part of the cost of doing business. Not when there are such efficient means of addressing the problem to minimise its impact. Technology can go wrong. That’s a given. It’s what you put in place to deal with it that determines the extent to which you pay the price.

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