Put your morning coffee on automatic


Technology is around today that can get your coffee ordered and paid for the moment you arrive at your building. Your preferred cup is ready and waiting when you reach the lobby without any time taken out of your day in the process.

It’s all very simple when you join the dots. The first step that is necessary is that you are recognised on entry to the building. This can be achieved via a variety of methods. It might be number plate recognition in the carpark, facial recognition software at entry points, mobile phone recognition on entry, RFID staff lanyard recognition and more.

A simple “if then” command protocol can then trigger an order on the coffee shop’s ordering system and automatically debit the card associated with your coffee shop account. No one must wait in line, scrounge for change or waste time ordering, The coffee is simply there when it is needed.

You don’t have to limit this idea to coffee. Your standard daily order can also include a donut or cake. Or you could also forward order your standard lunch. It’s just one of multiple ways in which you can regain time lost through repetitive daily actions you can render unnecessary.

Examples can be as simple as a door that unlocks automatically because it senses your presence, or a vacant workstation that knows who you are when you sit down.


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