Overcoming the tyranny of distance


The layout of most aged care facilities lends itself to time wastage on a substantial scale. Facilities are spread out and going between point A and point B usually takes a while.

The choice therefore ultimately comes down to this, you can provide service in a millisecond over distance, or you can do so in person and take longer, which usually means much longer. If it takes two or three minutes to traverse the distance, this then becomes two or three minutes denied to actual care. The more you can minimise the necessity for travel, the more time you will have for prolonged interaction where needed.

With The Ci Group, every moment counts.This manifests itself in numerous improvements that can be made to enhance service delivery to residents while at the same time recovering the many man hours lost in transit. Some resident requests can be handled by video, for example, and two-way video communication is now so easy to achieve.

Certain administrative tasks can be undertaken via the TV screen as well, avoiding the need to be physically present. This means that perfunctory administrative time spent toing and froing with residents can become quality time spent with residents instead.

This kind of technology is not just about your need to communicate with residents. It’s also about their need to communicate with you. Your technology infrastructure should therefore make this easier. With the right on screen interface most residents should be able to schedule appointments with service providers without needing your assistance and do likewise with services that you might provide. Empowering residents in this fashion not only empowers their spending power it empowers your staff to make better use of their time.

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