Offering wellness tech as a premium add-on to aged care accommodation creates an extra income stream


Within the accommodation industry at large, extra profit can be created through the uplift in tariff made possible by wellness equipped hotel rooms. The same principle would apply to aged care. If you offer a range of extras at your facilities on a sliding scale, wellness can be one of them. Or you can use it as a differentiate your offer as a destination.

Wellness technology reassures families. It’s comforting to know that loved ones are breathing the cleanest air possible, drinking the cleanest water possible and not suffering mood swings due to artificial light. Some wellness interventions make sound business sense from another angle. Breakouts of transmissible illness within aged care facilities can be costly. Residents get ill and staff get ill. Cleaner air reduces the chances of airborne infection. Whereas cleaner water reduces the chances of gastric problems.

Wellness technology therefore offers Aged Care two forms of benefit. One is to increase the perceived value of your offer and provide healthier accommodation.  The other is to protect your workplace from reduced productivity due to disruption from illness. (The return on investment for the latter can be very rapid as the cost is usually very modest in comparison to the man hours lost to illness.) Indoors is not intrinsically a healthy place to be. Many of your residents now spend most their life indoors. It’s an environment that can and should be made healthier for all concerned.


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