Mining & Resource Workplace Considerations


Mining and resource companies figure prominently in the Ci Group’s core of long-term clients. A key reason for this is due in no small measure to the ways in which the Ci Group has helped such companies develop and implement technology strategies to improve their operational efficiency and staff satisfaction levels.


Organisations with a workforce spread geographically have much to gain to from collaborative technologies, but those with a workforce spread to remote regional locations have even to more gain. Technical expertise is another factor that comes into play within the resource sector. Technology makes it possible for technical expertise to be available in multiple locations without the need for travel. Remedial action as needed can be taken faster and more economically.


Operations rooms for mining companies can provide a great overview to the company’s remote activities to those in head office, streamlining communication and efficiency. The Ci Group has helped clients develop designs specific to the industry. Working with clients is this fashion is the group’s preferred method of engagement.


This equally true of any CBD head office workplace. Far more can be achieved as a positive outcome if such projects are approached in a holistic fashion.


As with all workplace technology, support and sustainability services have a key role to play in keeping things operational and ship shape. This is especially challenging for the mining sector in Australia where the Ci Group successfully provides support for far flung locations in the outback.



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