Making the move to remote management


Today’s AV technology is network connected. This means it is possible to monitor and manage the technology remotely, not just from anywhere in the building, but from practically anywhere in the world.

Management of AV tech can therefore largely be outsourced, freeing up internal resources considerably. Couple this remote management capability with a Support & Service agreement and you have the diagnostics, preventative measures, equipment remediation, and room usage metrics all covered. Managing your meeting facilities is vastly simplified and made more efficient.

Remote management means that problems are flagged the moment they occur. This means is some instances that rooms can be made functional again before someone needs to use the room. In other words the room doesn’t skip a beat operationally.

It is far easier to manage equipment from one central location than it is to visit many meeting rooms. For large organisations with numerous meeting rooms, remote management is therefore an attractive proposition. Talk to us to determine the business case.

Having a remote management system for your equipment, can not only save substantially on your equipment’s operation and upkeep, but it can also provide useful data for planning purposes. There are, in fact, numerous ways in which technology can assist in both planning and management. Sensors can give you answers on meeting room occupancy, participant numbers and usage that can inform your facility planning. With a bit of programming and control tech, you can also ensure your energy consumption is lowered whenever there is the opportunity.

It makes far more sense for one person to methodically check each meeting room from a single desktop than have someone attend each meeting room individually. The worst option of all is to wait until something stops working before addressing the situation. For most large workplaces with multiple meeting rooms to look after, remote management technology is a no brainer.


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