Legal Firm Workplace Considerations


Legal firm workplaces are usually rewarding projects

to work on because a good legal firm places a high

value on communication. no one at such a firm, for

example, would want to squint at a contract on a

screen. They would prefer a screen big enough to

view it in comfort. Lawyers also typically value

nuanced communication which means that facial

expression and natural conversation become highly

prized. This results in better cameras and

microphones and better screens and speaker

systems being deployed because they can see the

value. Lawyers also like two-way collaboration with

content so the connectivity technologies deployed

need to become more sophisticated.

Like all professional services enterprises, legal firms

also understand how attracting talent is important to

the strength of the business long term. This means

they are far less likely to skimp on presentation

quality, standard of finish or the steps necessary to

ensure spaces remain neat and tidy even if a barrister

was the last to leave.

Delivering to such higher standards particularly suits

the Ci Group as our installation teams take serious pride in their work. This is a major reason why, at any given

moment, the majority of Ci workplace activity

centres around clients of long standing who have

come to appreciate the difference.



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