Korea again shows the way with another stunning d’strict LED installation

Korean experiential design company d’strict’s brilliant 3D work with LED features here indoors at Nexen UniverCity’s infinity wall. If you have a reception area in need of generating some interest, why not evaluate what creative LED deployment can do for you?  Even on a small scale it can make a positive impact. That said, we’d love to deliver something to the standard of this installation here in Australia.

D’strict has delivered a range of stunning LED projects in Korea, including a number of 3D outdoor billboards that have gone viral on social media. Seen from the right angle they create amazing illusions of three-dimensional objects. It is only a matter of time before the rest of the world catches up.

What their work highlights is how much more can be achieved with screens that have more than one facet. It might make the project more difficult to install, but the payoff visually makes it all worthwhile. It also highlights the importance of content creators in making the most of the technology’s capabilities. Australia is blessed with some highly creative people in this regard, people whose work is seen all around the world.

If you want to create an interesting landmark that makes the world sit up and take notice, developing an LED project would be a smart way to go about it. The Ci Group can help with technical and costing advice, matching you to the most appropriate content creative house, and ensuring that the project once completed will be properly maintained.

There is no point in creating an iconic LED installation without ensuring the latter. If you succeed in gaining people’s attention, you don’t want them thinking your installation looks tired and rundown. Keeping up appearances matters, and with LED display it needs to be included in your planning process.


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