It’s official. Neat is now certified for Teams.

The Neat Bar and Board are now both certified for Microsoft Teams. That’s great news for those corporate workplace where Teams has become the dominant collaboration platform. Also included in the product range is the Neat Frame, an elegant portrait conferencing solution for the executive desk or home office. Plus not far away is the Neat One, the world’s first personal USB device that combines a high-quality camera, microphone array and playback speakers for use with a laptop and monitor. Neat products have been acclaimed worldwide for both their form and function. The Ci Group is a leading corporate implementation partner for Neat in Australia, having overseen the biggest Neat rollout in the country. What the Ci Group provides Neat with is the means to meet the standard expectations of large enterprise customers such as on site support and managed rollouts nationally.  Ci has sufficient personnel to do so in all states.

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