Introducing lockers that liberate the workspace


These stylish lockers from joinery partner ISM we recently installed help enable a workspace to become task oriented and adaptable. Once staff are freed from the restrictions of a personal desk space by such a locker, they can choose a working space most appropriate to any given activity. This might mean utilising a collaborative team space in the morning, and a quiet space in the afternoon. They get to make whatever choice is more productive. Such workspaces are proven to deliver substantial savings on leasing costs and improve staff morale. There are, of course, some other steps you would need to take with technology to facilitate this transition, but we can help you with those as well.

If want your employees to truly embrace activity-based work practices, we strongly suggest you package them in such a way that empowers your employees rather than have them feel disenfranchised because you took their personal desk away. The Ci Group offer you many ways to make the activity based working proposition more palatable. A workplace platform app is one of the most powerful. Employees get the sense of having the entire building at their fingertips. Auto space personalisation is another, making any space personal through automated identification of people and control over display content.

Technology is often the missing magic ingredient in workplace projects because it is pigeon-holed into categories like IT, meeting room AV, lighting etc. This is a real shame because it can achieve so much more when integrated across such categories. A smarter workplace needs a smarter integration partner rather than a specialised AV subcontractor.

If you want a smarter workplace next time you move, get in contact with the Ci Group today.  This will allow you to discover what’s possible to include in your planning process and won’t cost you anything either. You will also be more likely to end up with a healthier workplace as well.

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