Intelligent elevators save time every day

Much of what we do in our working day is repetitive and predictable, but most elevators we step into are too dumb to know it. That’s now changing as more elevators get smart. If an elevator can recognise you on approach and match you to your data they can take you to your usual floor without you needing to press a button. Saving you that 3 seconds may not seem that much, but 5 trips a day would add up to an hour each year. If a thousand people work in that building that’s a lot of hours.

When you look closely at workspaces and any repetitive mindless moments that might be eradicated by technology you can usually find a few examples. Doors that unlock automatically for example, automated sign in and sign out, lockers that open automatically, meeting rooms that start automatically once people enter, the list goes on depending on the workplace concerned.

The point is that time is precious and wasting it needlessly should be avoided if possible. The automotive industry has long understood this, having removed task after task from motorists. Today such features as auto windscreen wipers, auto keyless entry, auto Bluetooth connection, auto headlight activation are all taken for granted. One day more advanced time saving features like auto parking assist will also become mainstream.

When it comes to processes that might involve multiple steps like operating a meeting room or presentation space, automation really comes into its own. Everything just happens, saving on multiple steps that take up valuable time.

While not every building will afford an intelligent elevator, there is hardly a workplace in the world that doesn’t stand to benefit through applying intelligence to process.


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