How well connected are your conference facilities?


The theatrette shown here can reach an audience far greater in number than the 180 people it seats. It is able to reach millions more people watching online – whether streaming live in real time or watching archived content that has been uploaded from the venue. With tomorrow’s presentation spaces it’s not just a matter of looking and sounding good, you need connectivity to the on-line world. It’s also smart to have automated control over camera views, lighting, microphones, sound levels and screen content. That way events can be conducted with less need for a tech being present, making your venue a more attractive proposition for a range of events What’s entailed goes well beyond ordinary AV and the Ci Group can do it all for you.

Why just have a stock standard event space when you can have an event space that connects so effectively to the world at large? Conference organisers looking for a venue will be far more impressed with one that gives them such online capability. Doubtless academic conferences will be particularly interested, but so too will conferences staged by big corporations and conference entrepreneurs.

Imagine attending a conference knowing you can later stream sessions of your choice to those members of your organisation that didn’t get a chance to go. Or imagine putting on a national conference for a corporation that could avoid lots of no longer necessary airfares.

Being smart with automation also plays dividends. A simple PTZ camera set up can be automated to offer a range of camera capture options suitable for how the event is staged. For example. you might have a close up shot of the speaker at the lectern, a wide shot framed to capture panel discussion, another to capture a one-on-one interview and so on. You can also get smart about using pre-sets for microphone capture, and in some cases microphone arrays instead of microphones that might get lost. There is so much more that can be achieved with the right skill set and knowledge base.



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