How to create content for LED displays and digital signage

LED screens have opened a whole new world of promotional opportunities, allowing us to be dynamic in the way we package our content.

But getting your head around this new platform of content creation isn’t exactly easy. You’re going to need to know a few tricks of the trade before you become an LED content pro. Here are a few of our biggest tips for creating content for LED displays and digital signage.

Think about the format and viewing context

The intended screen proportions and orientation are obviously super important to consider when creating any screen content. For digital signage screens or large LED displays the average viewing distance is also important to consider. A screen at one end of a long corridor has a long average viewing distance, whereas one in a lift only has a short one. You could successfully display a restaurant menu on a lift screen, but a screen at the far end on the corridor would be better served by just the restaurant name in large type and a simple graphic easily read at a distance.

david jones digital signageDeliver the message briefly

Being succinct with your content is another thing to keep in mind when promoting your brand on LED displays and digital signage. Average viewer duration should help you plan the duration of your messaging. A screen located in a foyer or reception area where people sit around for a while can tell a longer story, while screens located in transient areas like store or building entry points need to get their point across in just a few moments almost at a glance.

This brevity is applicable to both written and video content. In locations where the audience is pressed for viewing time be brief with your words and your visuals too. It’s difficult enough to gain the viewer’s attention as they walk past your LED screen let alone keep it. Such viewers are unlikely to understand your message if it is too onerous to take in within the time available.  What you need to do is grab the viewer’s attention in the first three seconds and sign it with your brand after that. You need to work within your limits.

Colour, colour and more colour

Colour is your friend when we’re talking about creating content for LED displays and digital signage. A graphic designer will use colours that complement each other, that stand out to the viewer and that look tasteful too. Those planning content for digital signage or LED screens will probably go a step further. Commercial grade digital signage monitors are significantly brighter than domestic televisions, while LED screens are substantially so.  Colour therefore appears more luminous on either. It’s therefore worth coming up with colour content that exploits this display capability.


If you stick to these tricks of the trade and always keep them in mind, your content is more likely to be successful. The Ci Group are Australia’s experts in LED displays, offering nationwide supply and installation of the best quality digital signage options. If you’re after extra help on content creation for your LED wall or thinking of investing in one, get in touch with the Ci Group today. We can help steer you in the right direction.

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