How apps will revolutionise hotels


These days you can put something far more powerful in your guests’ pockets than a door key. Guests can anticipate their needs better than anyone can. So why not enable them to make that dinner reservation or book that remedial massage while on the way back from a day’s sightseeing or business. It’s a streamlined way to operate your hotel that reduces your labour costs. Plus, the phone itself can even become a door key if you wish.

Having a hotel app has so many benefits. It keeps your guests in touch with your hotel even when they are out and about. This maximises their opportunity to spend more money with you. A hotel branded app also becomes part of the overall guest experience, something that makes they stay more memorable than it would be otherwise. It gives the guest sovereignty of action wherever they happen to be, whether it’s lounging by the hotel pool or miles away in a downtime bar.

Hotels that deliver their guests a better experience are the hotels that set the benchmark for where guests choose to stay in the future. This means if your competitor has an app and you don’t you don’t –  you may be at a disadvantage. Getting a branded hotel app up and running is more affordable than you might expect. Hotels have so much in common that you really don’t have to start from scratch when creating one.

The best hotel communication platform utilise all forms of visual delivery, an app for smartphones, digital signage in shared and transient areas like lobbies, lift wells, lifts, guest room TV screens screen and screen in bars and entertainment spaces. The better the production values of the screen content you put on show, the more your corporate identity and branding is enhanced.



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