Coming soon to a hotel near you. Voice control.

Voice control and voice recognition software can combine to automate a lot of hotel functions that would otherwise require labour. Guests can order breakfast, advise their preference in newspaper, place a room service order, all without need for a human intermediary. It’s already happening at forward thinking hotels.

The Ci Group can help you make it a reality at your hotel. The pay-off for enhancing guest command is in how it makes your service delivery more efficient. You can automate so many guest-to-hotel communications, from newspaper choices to menu selection. Instead of one of your staff needing to answer the phone, your computer system immediately has the guest request logged and forwarded for action. With most command systems you can also have greater visibility over room occupancy, tailoring energy expenditure accordingly.

Voice command will increasingly become a guest expectation as more people get used to having Siri, Alexa or Google systems happening at home. Once integrated with your service delivery system, voice command can reduce your wages bill. You no longer need that middle step. The order is received the moment it is spoken. No one needs to pass it on.

Voice command also empowers your guests in other ways. They can draw the curtains, lower or raise the ambient light level, set the alarm to awake them from a nap, switch TV channel, summon up internet radio, adjust the room temperature, and more.

Voice control is just on one the many technological advances the Ci Group can offer your hotel. You make your event and conference spaces work harder for you through having better sound and vision gear. You can have state of the art guest communication platform that operates across Guest TV, a mobile app and digital signage all branded to your hotel.


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