Grasping the true value proposition of a meeting room

Whenever someone only values a meeting room by its size, furniture, and equipment, it’s high time to challenge their thought process. The real cost of a meeting room is embedded deep in the salaries of those meeting in it throughout its lifetime. Understanding that fact informs the core value proposition of support & service.

Workspace AV is about bringing people together, whether physically in the one room or by meeting online from far and wide. The more people in a meeting, the more expensive any delay to that meeting becomes. A 3-minute delay during a meeting of twenty high powered executives could easily cost in excess of $100, the equivalent of burning a $50 note every 90 seconds.

The real lifetime cost of a meeting room needs to be calculated by the following formula,

In Session % of working hours x AV number of participants x av salary x project lifespan years.

An input of figures as feasible as the following comes up with a far more important cost to consider than just the equipment and installation.

50%. X  6  X. $100k  X 5 Years. = $1.5m dollars

Trying to do things on the cheap puts that $1.5m at risk, especially cutting corners with installation, not just in terms of materials, but in the skill level of practitioners deployed for the task. It quickly becomes a false economy.  Defending that $1.5m over the room’s lifetime use is where a support and service agreement earns its keep. It does not take much downtime to be avoided to justify the level of investment necessary.

Service and support agreements get even more sensible when you have several meeting facilities within your workplace. Economies of scale come into play. Hot swap options are more readily administered. If your facilities are sufficiently extensive the numbers might tip the balance in favour of a concierge service, the best form of support delivery you can get. It’s a more affordable proposition than you might think. You are encouraged to ask for a cost estimate.

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