Getting to grips with guest room control

Guest room technology has come a long way from the days of the TV, the radio-alarm and the telephone. In today’s connected world you can add comfort factors like temperature control, operable blinds and curtains, water temperature, and lighting. There is also access to the online world to consider. A guest usually wants their online devices accommodated as well as having access through the hotel TV. The Ci Group can do it all.

What most hotel guests love is that sense of being in command. The Ci Group can offer a control system interface that is hotel branded, easy to follow and able to include command over so many different things.  Some of these might relate to room comfort like temperature and lighting. Others might relate to hotel services like laundry, room service, dry cleaning, or spa bookings. You could also include access to external service providers like tour operators or transport services.

The more things for which you can provide command, the more your guests will feel empowered. Such control can be offered in the form of the TV remote control, an app on a smartphone, a light switch, a touch panel, or a combination of all those things.  Voice control is yet a further option you can offer.

The payoff for great guest room control is not just in how it makes guests feel empowered. It also makes your service delivery more efficient. You can automate so many guest-to-hotel communications, from what morning newspaper choice is their preference to what menu selection they would like to make. Instead of one of your staff needing to answer the phone, your computer system already has the request logged and forwarded for action. With most systems you can also have greater visibility over room occupancy, tailoring energy expenditure accordingly.

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