Fixing your problems once and for all


Up until very recently, it was only possible to experience the Ci Group’s support & service provision through having had equipment installed by Ci. Now, however, this higher level of service can happen for equipment installed by anyone. The Ci Group has found relaxing the rule creates new clients for life.

If your current AV experience is terrible, getting in Ci won’t necessarily be an overnight fix, but the journey that follows will make those awful AV experiences a distant memory. Frequent meeting delays due to technical issues should not be tolerated. Enduring such a situation costs you big time in the long run.

Getting started with Ci Support & Service can be done in stages. This means an enterprise-wide deployment plan can be based on the metrics of a successful pilot program. To establish the business case simply nominate the number of rooms at a single location to support and compare the subsequent metrics, both negative focus metrics like functional time lost and positive focus metrics like usage preference over unsupported rooms. It will soon become clear how support and service agreement is a worthwhile investment.

The first step in the process for each room is to identify the cause of your problems. Sometimes it is inherent to the design, sometimes it rests with the execution, and sometimes it is due to a component choice or two. User error or a difficult to follow control interface can also be contributing factors.

The point is that there are no problems that are insurmountable. This means that accepting rooms problems as “normal” simply isn’t an option. You need to get the rectification process happening as soon as is practical. If this means you need to spend money before the next office refit, then do be it. No one has ever complained about a room working properly. This partially why those who experience a support and service agreement, rarely want to discontinue.


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