Fixing mobile reception problems in an office building


With more people than ever relying on mobile communication, now is the ideal time to address mobile reception problems within your building or workplace. The two pics above of the same iphone were taken at a recent installation immediately before and after the signal boost technology we installed was turned on. The difference in reception strength is unequivocal. If your workplace has mobile reception dead spots, you can get them sorted easily. We now have an answer that’s far more affordable than previous technologies.

If in any doubt, simply walk around your premises and look at the reception bar on your phone. Make sure you look at what happens as you move away from the window. An easy tell-tale sign of reception problems is when employees move closer to a window when on a mobile call. Poor mobile reception costs you money. Calls are missed and phone tag often results. People move around looking for better reception often leaving behind information they need to access during the call. Or they can simply waste valuable time redialling because their call got cut off.

The situation is likely to get worse as 5G networks take over. Legacy 3G and 4G towers will cease operation and older phones will have problems. Whereas 5G will find it harder to get past glass treated to improve thermal properties. Most building built in recent decades will deploy such glass. Australia is a sunny nation.

Poor mobile reception is not a state that any modern workplace should endure, especially not when there is a simple, straightforward answer to the problem that does not cost an arm or a leg. If you would like an official audit of your premises complete with reception heat map, please don’t hesitate to ask. The Ci Group as done wonders for reception not just in offices but for leading hotels and aged care facilities.


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