Facing the future with confidence

It’s important to protect your investment in sophisticated AV equipment by minimising disruption to its functionality. You therefore need to plan for the inevitable. Audiovisual equipment within a workplace will go wrong. That’s a given. It’s what you encounter in dealing with that situation where Ci strives to be different and provide you with a better outcome.

Ci want your experience to be as positive as it can be, with helpful staff and prompt service responses, and there is an economic imperative that informs this aim as well. The less time is lost or underperforms due to technology problems, the less money on wages is lost and for most businesses that’s their major outlay.

Some larger companies have calculated that unsatisfactorily functioning meeting rooms have cost them millions each year once the labour component has been considered. Delays in functionality can occur for a variety of reasons not just equipment failure. How long a room is not functional depends on the speed of response once the problem is detected. Reduced meeting room availability has a knock-on effect for productivity so letting them remain inoperable comes at a cost.  If you can reduce the time a room is not working properly, you therefore protect yourself financially. It’s not that your wages bill will increase from malfunction or delay but that what you get in return for that wages outlay that will diminish.

The best support and service regimes try and anticipate problems before they occur with scheduled health check and remote monitoring. The utilisation of technology for this purpose is getting easier by the day. Training is another key element of a support and service regime as it helps minimise malfunction due to due to the most frequent cause – human error.

Proactive Ci AV Support & Service is a bit like an insurance policy only better. It helps prevent delays, comes to your aid when something does go wrong, and minimises the down time involved. It lets your employees get on with their work without interruption or hindrance, and lets you face the future with confidence.





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