Getting into a carpark should be easier

If you’re still stretching out of your car window each morning to get into your carpark, your premises need an update.  Smart car parks can recognise you through a variety of means and open automatically.  Number plate recognition is now commonplace. Identification by mobile phone proximity is another technique growing in popularity.


Being smart does not end with carpark with entry. Once your workplace knows you have arrived, various other actions can be automated. Your colleagues can be notified, your building personnel register can be automatically updated, your coffee can be put on order, localised climate control can be activated to your preference and your car space registered as occupied.


Having visibility over car park occupancy enables you to better manage it as an asset. Known car spot vacancies can be freed for the use of visitors or paying car park patrons.


What you do in a car park mirrors improvements that can be made elsewhere in a building. Just as boom gates can automatically open, so can locked doors or lockers. Lifts can automatically select floors as a default when employees enter.


Similar efficiencies are also afforded at the end of the day. Personnel registers can update automatically, and power consumption can be curtailed.



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