Communication Aspects Addressed

Targeted Communication

Screen content can respond to either demographic recognition or recognition of individuals. This enables you target messaging in line with the viewing audience. If your responsive ecosystem includes an app, this can be utilised for direct messaging of tailored content.



Responsive Dashboards

Data can be represented on screen in many different ways, and the most creative of these is through digital art. Winds of Boston is a famous data painting by Refik Anadol based on the real time measurement prevailing winds. Using data as the content driver, digital art can be used to show business activity in real time such as the number of cars on a tollway network, national transactions in real time, the arrival and departure of planes, charitable fund contributions and more. Art work in a lobby can in fact double up as a dashboard metric on display for employees.


Wormhole Windows

Not exactly a result of responsive technologies, another hallmark of IoT savvy environments is the use of large format displays to permanently connect spaces a substantial distance apart. This enables, for example, mining company employees in remote locations to have daily workmates thousands of miles away at head office. Such use of the internet not only improves internal communication but makes far flung outposts less isolated places to work.


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Distributed Experts

Yet another example of IoT savvy application is to distribute limited human resources to multiple locations on demand. The Ci Group can provide the means, for example, to have a bank’s loan experts centrally located but accessible to all branches through life-size videolinks. This Ci Group developed “distributed expert” model can also be used to service engineering needs or scatter tourist guides throughout a city. One expert can service many locations.


There are many ways to include wayfinding within an environment and the Ci Group is across them all. Some are very simple based on a rudimentary floor plan, while others are more sophisticated with 3D modelling and multiple views. Some offer real time tracking on an app, some offer voice guidance. Whatever a project requires can be matched with the most appropriate technology for the purpose.

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