Common Workspace Problems Addressed


Loss of personalisation

Office workers report their sense of belonging is diminished in a hot desk environment due to the lack of personal effects on display. The Ci Group’s responsive technologies can restore such personalisation to the hot desk environment by automatically identifying individuals and in response display personal images like those of loved ones on the desk’s digital photo frame. Impersonal spaces are transformed to something personal.

Audio Distraction in Open Plan

70% of us now work in an open plan environment. This is because open plan is a far more economical use of space. However open plan also has drawbacks. Audio distraction has been shown to inhibit productivity in such spaces, and the human voice has been identified as by far the most distracting sound source, whether heard in nearby conversation or at one end of a telephone call. Addressing this problem would therefore make open plan spaces more productive as workspaces.

There is now an effective remedy, one originally discovered by a global leader in communication audio, and which has since become a category in its own right, – biophilic soundscaping. This uses a combination of display and responsive technologies to mask voice distraction and has yielded some very impressive productivity results. Plus, unlike white noise systems, its effect on mood has been measured as positive not detrimental.


Finding a Workspace


A workplace where spaces and their availability are made visible is a workplace where less time is wasted and where employees feel more empowered. It’s even better when all the ingredients can be put together, the people you want to work with, the most appropriate type of space for the task and the ready means of communication to make it happen. The Ci Group can help with such technology. Workplace platforms can make a huge difference to both productivity and morale.

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