Cleverly covering all the angles with 3D LED display


Created by d’strict, the world renowned experiential content creator from Korea, this clever application of LED display delivers an eye catching 3D illusion every hour on the hour. It is situated in Seoul’s Gangnam district where it earns its keep the rest of the time displaying advertising and K Pop videos. Hopefully it will inspire others by showing what a combination of well thought out content can do with a 3 dimensional LED display.

Comprising 31,000 LED lamps over a total area of 17,437sq, this imposing installation features Samsung LED, one of the many products the Ci Group represents. For anyone interested in following Korea’s lead, delivering a project of this magnitude in Australia could be readily accomplished.

LED becomes substantially more interesting when the display area works in 3 dimensions. It means content can be created to create illusion within the shape. There are some stunning examples of this around the world, especially in projection mapping. However the most remarkable examples in the world at present, centre around Korea where d’strict are based.

The Ci Group expect to unveil Australia’s first example of 3D illusion LED in the year ahead. There is a lot of interest in the concept, and it is well within our technical capability. Even wrapping a corner can make a huge difference to the kind of artwork that can be produced for display. One of the world’s best examples is at 350 Mission St in San Francisco, the subject of another story within this section.

If you would like to explore what’s possible with 3D LED display without having to commit to spending any money, please feel free to do so. The Ci Group is always willing to assist with such projects at the concept development stage. We are also keen to assist making them a reality



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