Ci introduce Sydney to Delos wellness products


The CI Group are about to install Delos Wellness products for a pilot program being conducted in Sydney by one of Australia’s leading hotel innovators. Wellness has been well proven overseas to enable an increase in tariff that more than pays for what is necessary to do to the room. In the Sydney example, the aspects addressed will be air quality, chlorine free showers, aromatherapy and UV wands.

The Ci Group is willing to undertake proof of concept or pilot studies for any hotel group keen to explore the business case for developing a wellness tariff offer. This includes all the necessary components that might comprise such an offer, air quality technology, light control and programming, water filtration, well metric display and more.

Many hotels around the world have established the business case for offering a room option that can generate a wellness tariff premium. Some start out with just a few rooms or a single floor, adding more rooms in line with demand.

There is a very simple way to work out whether it’s viable for your hotel. Run a pilot program. You are welcome to contact the Ci Group direct should you wish to get started. A pilot program is not very expensive, but it can help you become more profitable without much effort.

What wellness means to people is rapidly changing. While once it might have made them think about massage tables and aromatherapy, in the years ahead it will become more about functional wellness interventions such as air and water filtration, circadian lighting and the provision of mental stimulating visual content within spaces.

The fact of the matter is that being indoors within a modern city building is fundamentally unhealthy. As more people discover this truth, the higher the demand for functional wellness will become. The need is therefore particularly pressing for hotels in city locations that are a servicing the business traveller.

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