Catskills waterfall by Fusion Ci Studios

This Fusion Ci Studios project for JCM Global is at Resorts World in the Catskills outside New York. 7.7 million pixels spread over 546 square feet (2.5mm pitch) give a convincing portrayal of a waterfall. What makes it extra special, however, is that a door can magically appear to let performers enter the stage without getting wet. The falls themselves are a digital replica of the Stony Kills Falls, a nearby tourist attraction. It’s a clever execution.

Waterfall illusions have become one of the most common forms of LED deployments. Perhaps the original ESI Salesforce lobby is the reason. It is certainly a convincing illusion. The water looks and sounds real enough, but it’s all done without the need for a plumber, and we all know how much they cost.

Site specific screen content goes a long way when making an illusion appear convincing. In this instance the bounce back of water around the doorway when it appears helps you believe the water is real, just like the person that enters on stage through it. A similar technique could be used with waterfall alternatives such as smoke or fog.

For those wishing to follow suit in Australia, the Ci Group can help put everything together for you if need be. We know the right product to recommend as being most fit for purpose, and we know the right content creators for just about any task.

Not every LED project, however, concerns illusion. Some will utilise the screen real estate to tell a corporate story or display digital art. If the latter, this might also include data driven content that relates to the activities of the enterprise in question. Examples of this are airports displaying digital art based on real time air traffic at the location, or hospitals displaying progress in their donation drive efforts. LED display can focus attention on such matters more effectively than most other mediums.



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