Business Class Videoconferencing in the cloud

Irrespective of what video conferencing equipment you own, Pexip enhances the experience. It’s a cloud based service that enables inclusiveness across all platforms with the easiest interoperability solution imaginable, one where you can create a register of participants that can then participate from practically any source. It also gets your video communication from A to B more efficiently, reducing the bandwidth.

A major incentive for many to deploy Pexip at present is the number of perfectly serviceable conference room set ups that are no longer being supported. Pexip enables the useful life of such equipment to be extended, simultaneously supporting sustainability goals and increasing the ROI possible from such equipment well into the future.

For others, the key attraction of Pexip is the higher level of security it offers for public facing video communication of a sensitive nature such as personal finance, medical consultations or legal matters. It can even enable such meetings to be corporate branded for added customer reassurance. If you would like to know more, please get in contact. The Pexip story is a good one.

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