Accountancy Firm Workplace Considerations

Like the legal profession, accountants tend to spend a long time in consultative meetings with their clients . Larger firms are likely to spend even more time in such meetings due to their wide range of speciality services.


The nature of what’s discussed in such meetings often requires display of such granular detail as spreadsheet data. This in turn sets the parameters for the kind of display and connectivity necessary for the purpose The Ci Group provides technology choices that are appropriate to need. Collaboration can be made as elaborate or as simple as deemed necessary.


Meeting efficiency is not the only benefit of a well executed meeting room. The client experience of such spaces frequently becomes a form of brand reinforcement in its own right.


The provision of ongoing support and sustainability services is able to retain a positive user experience throughout a meeting space’s entire lifetime of use, not just the first year following its commission. This is why large accountancy firm clients so often make use of this service.




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